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Crown Cup Dubai 2018

Ajman is well-known to be the smallest, the quietest and the modest emirate out of all seven Arab Emirates which are well situated on the Persian Gulf. Crisp white sands and broad leaf palms create a friendly, slow paced atmosphere of home for all people visiting Ajman. However, one weekend in February changes the whole lifestyle in this emirate upside down. Especially, if you are at the Kempinski hotel which usually gathers plenty of fantastic dancers out of the whole world to find out what shoes: Ballroom or Latin will hit the dance floor this time? Luckily, this year has been no exception neither for Ajman, nor for Dance For You team!

Dance For You studio is a frequent participant of all top-notch international dance competitions where all its performances are noted to be outstanding and successful for both: teachers and students. Crown Cup dance festival warmly welcomes Dance For You team as well as the other dancing schools on the regular basis. Numerous imposing dancing awards have been taken by our talented dancing community over a span of the last 4 years but the past weekend something surprisingly marvelous happened: Dance For You team took almost all the significant awards back home, to Dubai.

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Crown Cup Dubai 2018 042
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Crown Cup Dubai 2018 083
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Pro Am Division of any international dance competition tends to be memorable due to its incredible dance performances by Amateurs arranged with the help of Professionals. Since only the best out of the best students made fantastically remarkable performances on the spacious dance floor of Kempinski hotel this year Dance For You studio one more time has proven itself to be highly qualified and Top Local Studio award (Dubai 2018) certified by Crown Cup Adjudicators is an obvious proof to that!

The work of a great team represented by three professionals (Alexandra Pochtovyk, Sergii Tymchenko, Dmitriy Zaiats) alongside eight talented students (Masood Falaknaz, Vivien Kelan, Melissa Mckerlie, Alena Kivach in charge for the energetic Latin group and Kellie Andrews, Ute Kuras, Anel Bakit, Anastasiia Viazmenskaia defending elegant Standard team) 100% paid them back while all of them were gracefully carrying the highest dancing award: “The Winner of International Dance Competition, Crown Cup 2018”. All those dance classes, all those long hours of trainings and all the effort resulted in the unforgettable impressions and exciting emotions from one single weekend in Ajman, the UAE.

Sergii and Anastasiia perform Tango.
Sergii and Ute perform Quickstep.
Sergii and Kellie dance Viennese Waltz.
Sergii and Anel dance Quickstep.
Dmitriy and Vivien perform Rumba.
Dmitriy and Alena perform Jive.
Dmitriy and Alena perform Paso Doble.
Alexa and Masood perform Cha-Cha-Cha.

Life is full of surprises. As it unexpectedly turned out so is the Crown Cup Dance competition. More than 25 professional dancing studios were gathered in Ajman on the 9th and 10th of February, 2018. For every dancer, no matter whether they are professionals or amateurs, it’s a great honor to dance and compete among and with the strongest, whereas the greatest and nicest feeling is to be chosen THE BEST leaving all the rest officially behind. Remarkably two professional dance trainers (Alexandra Pochtovyk and Dmitriy Zaiats) as well as two gifted students (Masood Falaknaz and Melissa Mckerlie) happened to complement one another incredibly well so that all the adjudicators easily spotted it while they were performing. As a result they kindly granted four members of our big dancing community with the considerable awards: Top Local Teacher Lady, Top Local Teacher Gentleman equally to TWO Best Students. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you are still wondering whether dancing is for you just follow your heart and follow your dream like all our dearest students did. Dance For you team will be there for you when you start choosing either Standard or Latin dance shoes for the next competition!

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