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Become franchisee, become successful!

5 years ago it was kind of hard to believe that a humble idea of starting a dancing school in Dubai, UAE, the most fashionable place throughout the whole world would work but it successfully did. The first professional dancing studio was warmly welcomed by Dubai which was already a good sign back then.

The best dance instructors with their unique and highly-qualified approach to a student, the best and the most convenient location of the studio, all this favours people to easily get used to the healthiest and at the same time to the most enjoyable life habit as dancing. Over the past 5 years Dance For You studio has been widely recognized for its:

  • Fantastic dance classes, characterized by its high quality and student-centered approach;
  • Outstanding and unforgettable show cases;
  • Enjoyable and energetic master classes;
  • Surprisingly creative social events: outside and inside the studio premises;

The constantly growing number of people enjoying dancing is the perfect proof to a successful functioning of Dance For You studio. And as usual … Dance For You team is happy to make people happy throughout the whole world.

Franchising is a right to set up business under the guidance from the well-known and successful dancing studio. To get the maximum benefits from the very beginning it should follow all the rules and regulations. This right is paid and before being applied it is supposed to be acquired first.

According to the statistics this type of start up is the most effective one because it speeds up the launching of something new and calculates the further benefits for 5 more years from now. As an advantage the owner receives extra advertisement, the whole suite of trainings and workshops which results in customer acquisition with the help of the well-known brand name.

The main advantages from the collaboration and getting the franchising from our dancing studio are the following:

  1. Dance For You studio is the leading dancing studio in Dubai, the UAE;
  2. The usage of our brand name. It has already gained a reputation as the most well-known dancing studio in Dubai, the UAE and under the contract you are to get it;
  3. Financial profits are ensured starting from the first day of the open studio;
  4. New ideas and support for the business operations. There is no need in learning all the basic things by yourselves. The franchiser is mostly interested and motivated by himself in the fastest development of your business. That’s why the workshops and seminars are usually conducted to make your business the most profitable. Besides, you are always welcome to address the original dance studio in case of any questions;
  5. All the expenses involved in start up and advertisement are minimal. You will be provided with the tools on the marketing exercises, promotional offers and support for media resources;
  6. Our franchising ensures more success rather than setting up business on your own due to its successfully functioning of a managing approach and techniques.
  7. The strictly coordinated action plan, business integrity guarantees to gain profits within the shortest possible period of time;
  8. The brand name of our dancing studio is already widely acknowledged among lots of customers, that’s why there is no need in wasting loads of money on creating a new brand name. The original brand name grants trust and protection for the customers who seek the high quality of dance classes provided;
  9. The franchising of Dance For You studio is tailored for the specific needs of our customers and is based on the individual approach. It is widely known the clients tend to choose the companies which meet their requirements.

If you choose Dance For You studio your business is going to be entitled as the one promoting healthy lifestyle which actively grows up in the popularity, engaging more and more people respectively every year!

You don’t want to miss the chance to change the world for the best.

In case of any further inquires you are welcome to contact us directly: arseniy@danceforyouindubai.com

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  • Barsha Heights (formerly TECOM), Grosvenor Business Tower
  • 23rd floor, Studio 2306
  • P.O. Box: 391484, Dubai, UAE

Working hours:

  • Tuesday to Friday from 01:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Mondays off