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We are very pleased to announce to everyone the first biggest dance studio: Dance For You Studio in Dubai with professional sprung dance floor.

We brought quality and strong dance experience around the World to Dubai! Our team of dance instructors ready to share with you their passion of the dancing, knowledge and experience for private and group dance classes, to brink to you all the energy from all the dance movements!

Coaches, teachers, trainers, choreographers

Dance For You Team 2017

Our qualified championship level coaches and teachers provide First Class International levels of coaching and training for those students who wish to start to compete, or already compete on a high level. While our in-school teachers work with students who are contemplating their first showcase, learning a beautifully choreographed dance for their wedding dance, or just starting to social dance for the very first time.

Dance For You in Dubai’s teachers are all top level International competitors, so are always perfecting their skills, and improving themselves with participation in seminars and continuing their education in every style of dancing. Dance for You in Dubai also offers a number of world-class dance workshops and seminars regularly throughout the year, along with a number of sensational showcases for our students to show off their new found skills. Meet our team.


Conveniently located in Вarsha Heights (formerly named TECOM) in the centre of Dubai, our Dubai dance classes are conducted on a daily basis from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days/week, and we conduct both private dance lessons and group dance classes for adults of all ages, teenagers and dance lessons for kids including children of all ages and abilities. Our map and contact information is below.

Extra offers

In addition to the classes, we are also proud to offer:

  • Student Showcases (example: Pro-Am Dance Competitions Photo Gallery)
  • Training Seminars – see the Dance Lesson Steps
  • Weekly Practice Parties
  • Practice Sessions
  • Social dancing – see the list of our social dances
  • Dance Events (visit our photo gallery of dance showcases)
  • Dance Shows (visit our photo gallery of instructors ballroom dance competitions)
  • Competitions (UAE and Internationally) – video examples
  • Anniversary Dances
  • Corporate Dance Events (see some video examples)
  • Performances by our professional team (our instructors showcase videos)
  • Wedding Packages
  • Gift Certificates
  • Certificates of Achievement

Our weekly practice parties are open to everyone, so bring your friends and family and get them in on the fun too! Contact us for more information.

Benefits of sprung dance floor

The development of dance floor technology has progressed significantly in recent years, thanks in no small degree to a strong relationship forged between the dance community and industry to produce floors that are right for dancers.

There has also been medical science research that has provided valuable insight into injuries to which dancers are prone. Understanding the relationship between dancers and dance floors has provided important input to dance floor technologists. Research is meanwhile continuing that additionally seeks to understand the contribution to artistic performance that a well-designed floor can offer dancers. Two important factors that contribute to a floor that allows dancers to perform confidently and safely are the dance surface and the sprung sub-floor beneath.

Expecting anyone to dance on a hard, unyielding surface can lead to a variety of ankle and shin stress related injuries that may also reduce a dancer’s career in the longer term. Medical specialists in dance injuries have established a link between the quality of the floor and injury. A floor with a consistent degree of spring is strongly recommended. The second factor is the dance surface itself which should offer a degree of ‘traction’ that allows dancers to be able to fully and artistically express their dance movements without the fear of slipping or falling due to a shiny or slippery surface.

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    • Вarsha Heights (formerly TECOM), Grosvenor Business Tower
    • 23rd floor, Studio 2306
    • P.O. Box: 391484, Dubai, UAE

    Working hours:

    • Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    • Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.