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Dance For You Studio at Blackpool Dance Festival 2018

Dancing is like no other activity creates an extraordinary "world" where the utmost gratification for all the participants is a competition. The international team from Dubai proudly represented the UAE at the most exclusive World Dance Festival in Blackpool, England, 24th of May - 1st June, 2018. It was a tremendous entry of a Pro-Am division from Dance For You team which led to outstanding results and trophies taken back to the UAE. However, most of all it was all about the unforgettable experience and terrific impressions that will stay in our dearest students’ hearts for long.

Blackpool used to be a quiet resort city on the coast of Irish Sea but now this city is a worldwide magnet for all the Dance Admirers whether they are professionals or amateurs, whether they are seniors or juniors. The end of spring, that is the time when dancers from all over the world strive for being a part of this breathtaking Dance Competition. It’s like a golden opportunity that no one would like to miss out on.

The world-class dance floor in Winter Gardens annually gathers more than five thousand talented dancers from different parts of the planet. People who live and breathe dancing, people who threw themselves into dance lessons down to the ground, for a couple of days make up a unique international event where dancers’ dreams come surprisingly true.

Blackpool Contest 2018 001
Blackpool Contest 2018 002
Blackpool Contest 2018 003
Blackpool Contest 2018 004
Blackpool Contest 2018 005
Blackpool Contest 2018 006
Blackpool Contest 2018 008
Blackpool Contest 2018 009
Blackpool Contest 2018 010
Blackpool Contest 2018 011
Blackpool Contest 2018 012
Blackpool Contest 2018 013
Blackpool Contest 2018 014
Blackpool Contest 2018 015
Blackpool Contest 2018 016
Blackpool Contest 2018 017
Blackpool Contest 2018 018
Blackpool Contest 2018 019
Blackpool Contest 2018 020
Blackpool Contest 2018 021
Blackpool Contest 2018 022
Blackpool Contest 2018 023
Blackpool Contest 2018 024
Blackpool Contest 2018 026
Blackpool Contest 2018 027

Remarkably this year, beyond our wildest dreams, Dance For You team obviously took some beating. 20 international couples were soaring across the ballroom floor in a Standard program. Numerous floaty colorful dresses were compared to a moving rainbow, filling the atmosphere with the warmth and spirit of the Empress ballroom. Luckily both, Singles and Championships’ entries surrendered to a competence of our fantastically gifted students, Ute and Kellie, taking the 5th and the 2nd places respectively.

Two times as many dance admirers from Dubai conquered the most prestigious dance festival in a Latin-American program as well Alena, Liza, Vivian and Masood definitely felt like on top of the world, dancing among the best of the best, where the beauty and grace were setting the pace in the Winter Gardens. Lightness while performing, energy while self-expressing were hitting up that very competitive spirit our students luckily happened to have, previously weathered thanks to the continuous stay in the heart of the desert, Dubai, the UAE. Unquestioning breakthrough as the semifinalists (the 7th, the 9th, the 8th and the 2nd places accordingly) out of 30 unbelievably talented Pro-Am Dancers fortunately made Dance For You representatives the path-breakers on the English land as Blackpool, marking another adventurous place on the map.

Tango - Sergii and Ute.
Tango - Sergii and Kellie.
Quickstep - Sergii and Kellie.
Rumba - Dmitriy and Liza.
PasoDoble - Dmitriy and Alena.
Samba - Dmitriy and Alena.

The most significant competition in the Dance World was recently dazzled by the highly professional approach from Sergii Tymchenko, Dmitriy Zaiats and Aleksandra Pochtovyk. Their dance classes are always delivered with energy and idea that any student will surely come out on top, enjoying the dances all the way. Together with the dearest students of the enormously talented Dance For You family all three of them proved once again that Dance For You studio is the best dance studio in Dubai. It was just a start, unexpectedly ending up with great results, and triumph in some way. That’s why the next year’s dance competition is already waiting for us. We are gonna be back, defending and improving the existing results. If you see eye to eye with us, the sooner you join our dance studio, the better prepared you will be.

Luck is 100% on your side!

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