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Ballroom Dancing Educational Videos

We introduce our first educational videos for ballroom dancing! Our professional dance teachers prepared a set of videos related to Latin-American and Standard ballroom dances.

Currently we cover the following dances:

  • Cha-Cha-Cha
  • Tango
  • Jive
  • Samba
  • Rumba
  • English Waltz
  • Quickstep
  • Foxtrot

The videos are free of charge and we plan to extend the list by adding new lessons and dances later.

The videos are not intended to use as online dance courses. It means that even though we tried to make them useful and interesting, they will not help you to become a professional dancer. The videos are quite short, so that you won’t get bored to watch them. Usually we show the basic steps, and introduce the dance to you. But still the videos lack many aspects, that we have at our private and group dance lessons in our studio. Besides, the dance instructor at classical “face to face” dance classes can always see the mistakes you make and can help you to fix it properly and quickly, so that you can progress faster. And of course one can master a dance only by practicing it on the dance floor, so just watching the videos is not enough :)

We rather consider the videos to be auxiliary or subsidiary materials that can help to recall the dance figures you already know or learnt in a studio with your instructor. They also can be considered as a short ballroom dancing guide that shows various dances and their basic moves. For those, who are not familiar with our studio, it’s a good way to get acquainted with our member staff.

We also created a playlist in YouTube with all the videos, you can see it by clicking here. We will be very glad if you can share your opinion about them by voting or leaving comments in YouTube or Facebook. We will carefully consider your feedback to make our future videos better.

Meanwhile we invite you in our dance studio. Being one of the best ballroom dancing schools in Dubai, we offer personal dance lessons, group dance classes both for adults and kids. We also organize different events, such as dance festivals, dance parties, practice sessions, etc. We have a special offer (professional trial dance lesson) for newcomers. Please, contact us to get more information.

Tango Lesson: Twist Turn.
Cha-Cha-Cha Lesson: Basics.
Jive Lesson: Basic Step.
Jive Lesson: Kick Ball Change.
Samba Lesson: Whisk.
Rumba Lesson: Basic Step.
Cha-Cha-Cha Lesson: Spot Turns.
English Waltz Lesson: Right Turn.
English Waltz Lesson: Reverse Turn.
English Waltz Lesson: Left Turn.
English Waltz Lesson: Hesetation Steps.
Quickstep Lesson: Basics.
Foxtrot Lesson: Feather Steps.
Slow Waltz Lesson: Promenade.
Tango Lesson: Closed Promenade.
Slow Waltz Lesson: Promenade.
Samba Lesson: Batucada.
Rumba Lesson: Swevels.
Jive Lesson: Kick Ball Change.
Viennese Waltz Lesson: Right Turn.
Slow Waltz Lesson: Whisk.
Quickstep Lesson: Quater turn.
Quickstep Lesson: Progressive chasse.
Quickstep Lesson: Lock step.
Quickstep Lesson: Back Lock Step.
Quickstep Lesson: Alternate turn.
Samba Lesson: Botafogo.
Rumba Lesson: Cross Body Lead.
Jive Lesson: Double kicks.
Cuban Salsa Lesson: Breaks.
Cha cha cha Lesson: Lock Step.
Tango Lesson: Rock Steps.
Quickstep Lesson: Running Steps.
Fox Trot Lesson: Left Turn.
English Waltz Lesson: Open Right Turn.
Viennese Waltz Lesson: Left Turn.
Salsa Lesson: Cross Lead Box.
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