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Christmas Adventures in Vienna 2017 with Dance For You team

Amazing Vienna Dance Festival and Championship, 8-10 December, 2017.

When people refer to Vienna, Austria they mean the magnificent Alps, the terrific mountains and lakes, the super delicious strudel and schnitzel. When dancers say Vienna, Austria they hear the outstanding sounds of opera by Mozart and Schubert, they associate it with the marvelous art galleries and they dance the incredible Viennese Waltz. Vienna, Austria is widely recognized to be “a capital” of numerous international European Empire which has recently greeted quite a talented Dance For You team from Dubai.

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Amazing Vienna 2017 007
Amazing Vienna 2017 008
Amazing Vienna 2017 009
Amazing Vienna 2017 015
Amazing Vienna 2017 018
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Amazing Vienna 2017 050
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Amazing Vienna Dance Festival takes the regularly dearest place among all the popular and well-known World Pro-Am Dance Competitions such as Red Square Stars (Moscow, Russia), The Dance Holidays (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Crown Cup (Ajman, UAE). All these dance festivals are being held throughout the whole year and seem to play an important role and take a precious place in lives of our professional and amateur dancers residing in Dubai.

So many fantastically clean ballroom floors were danced through by Dance For You team. So many unbelievable trophies were already taken back home from these festivals by them as well. So many emotions now represent a touching memory and an impressive background of the talented Dance For You family members. The winter time of the outgoing year of 2017 Vienna was conquered by two young, pretty and gifted ladies, Elizabeth Fraser and AnastasiiaViazmenskaia and their incredibly talented dance partner and instructor Sergii Tymchenko. It’s Viennese Waltz World Open Pro-Am Championships after all that’s why all the dance classes, all the intention and desire this time were put directly to polishing Ballroom/Standard dances such as Slow Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Slow Fox and surely Viennese Waltz. All the effort, by the end of the day, resulted in “the usual” Gold and Top Places taken in almost every category which proves one more time that Dance For You studio is one of the successful professional dance studios not only in the UAE but in the whole world.

Dance For You Trailer.
Anastasiia and Sergii - Slow Waltz.
Anastasiia and Sergii - Tango.
Lizzie and Sergii - Foxtrot.

3 unforgettable days are going to stay in a memory of our dearest students for long: all the joy and fun three of them had while soaring and dancing in Sofiensaal as well as exploring and wandering the wintery fresh streets of incredible city of Vienna.

Seasons of the year go one after another; hours and days quickly pass according to the calendar bringing all the population closer to a new year, full of new hopes, expectations and resolutions. And only dancing or we would dare say a passion for dancing luckily never changes. It keeps growing gradually, becoming a crucial regular activity of a great deal of people throughout the whole world. Exciting and Energetic Dance classes at our professional dance studio will show you a direct pathway to a charming world of DANCING which is as fabulous and diverse as were the ballroom dresses of our dearest students, Lizzie and Anastasiia, at an Amazing Vienna Dance Festival.

Lizzie and Sergii - Quickstep.
Lizzie and Sergii - Tango.
Anastasiia and Sergii - Viennese Waltz.
Anastasiia and Sergii - Quickstep.

All the international Pro Am Dance festivals (outside the studio) as well as all the local events and gatherings (You are welcome to have a look at the photos and videos in our website albumsJ) are a direct reflection of eternal desire to dance which unites all people: students, guests and instructors into one big dancing family. You shouldn’t be waiting too long, just join Dance For You studio for the first individual trial dance class and in 45 minutes you will be the one, feeling all the joy and happiness DANCING usually gives people!

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