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The Crown Cup Dubai 2015: Ballroom Dance Championship

The World ProAm SuperStars Championship Crown Cup 2015 took place on 12th and 13th of February, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. It is an annual largest ballroom dance championship in UAE, a part of Crown Cup World Dance Series that also takes place in Macao (China) and Vilnius (Lithuania). Together they gather over a thousand of guests, visitors and dancers from various dance schools every year.

What does a ProAm mean?

The Pro/Am is an abbreviation for "Professional" and "Amateur" which means that such dances are performed by mixed couples where one of the partners is an amateur and another is a professional dancer. It is similar in a way to what you may see at "Dances with the Stars" TV show. Such cooperation of dance partners with different dancing levels has many advantages, e.g.:

  • it's much easier and more comfortable for newcomers to perform at their first dance competitions;
  • the more experienced partner shares confidence and gives some courage which are always helpful for the amateur;
  • it's more effective to practice and train with professional partner as you improve faster.

However, at Pro/Am dance competitions, only the amateur is judged – that is a fair approach.

Our dance studio participation

It was a first dance competition for most of our students, so everybody was a little bit nervous. Our dance studio prepared six couples consisted from amateur students and professional dance teachers. Most of our students started taking dance lessons with us only 3-4 months before the competition. We consider it quite a short space of time, and that's why we are very proud how our students improved and how well they performed at the championship. Besides, it was also a contest among schools to find out the best dance studio in Dubai.

Meet our winners:

Sarah Giordano

Sarah Giordano

  • 4 Dance Challenge, Latin (Cha-cha-cha; Samba; Rumba; Jive) – 3rd
Liza Muscat

Liza Muscat

  • Bronze Open, American Smooth, Tango – 1st place
Victoria Khurtovska

Victoria Khurtovska

  • Bronze Open, Latin – Cha-Cha-Cha – 1st place
  • Bronze Closed, Latin – Cha-Cha-Cha – 1st place
  • Silver Closed, Latin – Cha-Cha-Cha – 1st place
Brigitte Chemla

Brigitte Chemla

  • Bronze Open, Standard – Waltz – 3rd place
  • Bronze Open, Standard – Viennese Waltz – 2nd place
Fiona Van Buren

Fiona Van Buren

  • Silver Open, Latin – Cha-Cha-Cha – 1st place
Kellie Andrews

Kellie Andrews

  • Open Gold Waltz; Tango; Quickstep – 1st place
  • Silver Open Quickstep – 2nd place
  • Silver Open Waltz – 3rd place

It was a difficult test for our students that they passed successfully and performed well as compared with participants from other dance schools. It was also an important DanceSport experience. We wish them good luck and new victories at other dance contests and competitions!

Opportunities to dance, learn and study

Our dance studio welcomes everyone who has a desire to dance: we offer couple dance classes, kids dance lessons, practice sessions and other types of education in various forms and formats. Besides, our dance teachers are always available for effective individual private dance lessons and can be your partners at Pro/Am competitions, dance shows and festivals. Please, contact us, and we will prepare individual best dance program for you that fits your needs.

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