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Tropical and Spooky Dance Fusion with Dance For You Studio

The Halloween dance party in Dubai took place on the 27th of October, 2017. This article will keep you thrilled, see the spooky photos inside!

Who could have imagined that Halloween, originated in the 19th century, would last for more than 2 centuries now? We suppose all those immigrants from Ireland moving to America didn’t have any intention of spreading this kind of celebration throughout the whole world. Surprisingly enough they succeeded!

No matter what nationality you are, no matter what language you speak the spooky expression “trick or treat” is familiar to everyone. However, our big dancing community tends to express it in the way “Dance or Watch” but definitely going along with “Enjoy”. Believe us last Friday night no one dared to simply “Watch” but hit the dance floor with Dance For You family.

Two years in a row Dance For You team greeted everyone within Dance For You premises where energetic dance classes take place. Enormous and smooth dance floor was always decorated with bats, corpses, spiders’ webs which easily favoured all our dancers to feel the dead of Halloween night while dancing Salsa, Cha-Cha or Disco.

Year 2017 has been a year full of surprises:

  • An unexpectedly big number of Dance For You students performing at the PRO-AM dance competition in Ajman among all the other dance schools of Dubai;
  • Summer PRO-AM Gala event with real trophies and awards as a result of hardworking but surely enjoyable dance lessons;
  • The series of top places at PRO-AM dance competitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg this year (not a surprise but we are pretty happy with the results) to name but a few…
Halloween Dubai 2017 002
Halloween Dubai 2017 003
Halloween Dubai 2017 005
Halloween Dubai 2017 011
Halloween Dubai 2017 020
Halloween Dubai 2017 024
Halloween Dubai 2017 040
Halloween Dubai 2017 050
Halloween Dubai 2017 056
Halloween Dubai 2017 057
Halloween Dubai 2017 063
Halloween Dubai 2017 070
Halloween Dubai 2017 104
Halloween Dubai 2017 110
Halloween Dubai 2017 192
Halloween Dubai 2017 195
Halloween Dubai 2017 219
Halloween Dubai 2017 233
Halloween Dubai 2017 264
Halloween Dubai 2017 265
Halloween Dubai 2017 267
Halloween Dubai 2017 275
Halloween Dubai 2017 289

Talented people are talented in everything, that’s why “Dancing” Halloween 2017 was officially celebrated in one of the most fashionable and tropical places in Dubai, in MAHIKI night club. MAHIKI Dubai has been famous so far for its tropical island atmosphere as well as for fresh fruity cocktails. Once you are there you will feel like only Mother Nature surrounds you and provides you with nothing but a constant feeling of relaxation. Funny enough to say all the above mentioned were a perfect match to the so called Halloween “Dancing” ceremonies that night. Dance For You professionals and amateurs, newcomers and experienced ones were gathered on “one” dance floor to make that night to remember!

Showcases from PRO-AM participants Alena and Masood dancing with their instructors, master classes from Sergey, Dmitriy and Arseniy, performances from our new but very professional dance instructors Dmitriy and Lubov’ and of course Social Dancing, fun and enjoyment made that evening pass in one breath!

Alex and Masood.
Dmitriy and Alena.
Dmitriy and Liubov.

According to our dearest students’ opinion all the Dance For You events are usually something to wait for. Just have a look, open your heart to a new “lifestyle” activity as DANCING, join our dance studio at the first individual trial dance class and probably next time you will find yourself exploring the world of Dancing with the most professional, competitive and successful team of dancers in Dubai – Dance For You team.

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