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Join the Grand Gala Evening 2019

We announce the Gala Evening Dancing Party, Friday, the 18th of January 2019. It's a good opportunity to celebrate a New Year and enjoy dancing with amateurs and professional dancers.

Exquisite GALA evening 2019 in a glittery dancing style!

New Year’s celebration is meant to be one of the most exciting, tremendous and surely mind blowing parties to remember throughout the rest 365 days of the year. What might be more energizing than dancing all night long! Especially with a professional team of dancers, to a wide variety of tunes, on a spacious ballroom floor and among the likeminded people from all over the world?!

Celebrate NEW YEAR’s and party till you drop with Dance For You

Year of the Dog is leaving, obviously full of various events with probably unexpected results, which respectively form ONE’s background. It’s like a revised chapter from the book. Meanwhile, Year of the Pig is about to enter, bringing high hopes, certain aspirations and expectations. Dance classes are widely known to have always been there for every single one of us, providing with colourful stripes for the daily routine of the upcoming year!

The 3d Friday in January 2019 is expected to be a very special “Magical” day or evening to be precise! It is the time when our dearest and very talented students are supposed to be enjoying dancing on a quite different, more elevated level with a more inspired mood! That is the night when all the dance classes taken in the outgoing year, all the efforts made recently will pay them 100% back resulting in unforgettable terrific ballroom show cases. This event will definitely reveal their inner, a pretty high potential in a dancing world. And luckily, this miracle is to happen within Dance For You premises.

Gala Evening 2019 banner

No matter what event it is Dance For You celebrations are always highly anticipated because they tend to be marked by ravishing touches as well as individual approaches to all dancing performances. Thus, they are warmly remembered by many. The upcoming dancing party is also definitely to be reminisced by highly professional dance performances, PRO-AM takers and their unique view on dance presentations, incredible showcases, energizing and highly expected social dancing and much more. Since dancing adventure has no limits at all our dearest students are lucky to keep learning something new every single time they step into our dancing studio. That’s why master classes and dancing workshops throughout a party are integral part to any event of ours.

Dancing is not that easy to enjoy without music. The good news is Dance For You team is delighted enough to have been acquainted with a gifted Cuban Band for a long time now. They are going to be of much help this time as well, fortunately like all the numerous times before, providing our marvelous event with the LIVE music. What else can favour a smoothly performed and fully enjoyed dance, right? Besides, without the slightest doubt the consumed energy should be fulfilled straightaway. That is why everyone is welcome to treat themselves at a usually delicious GALA buffet!

If you don’t want be haunted by three ghosts from the Past, Present and Future as in old but quirky Xmas story, A Christmas Carol by a famous English writer Charles Dickens, if you don’t want to regret, looking back at this dancing party of a lifetime we are about to throw, come and join us on the 18th of January, 2019 and set a new glorious and even ambitious mood for the year ahead! Look forward to meeting YOU in a Dance For You studio!

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