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Dance For You Studio: Halloween Festival 2018

It goes without saying that Halloween party is a much expected event where people are allowed to show off their creativity in the most unexpected ways. Halloween Masquerade usually turns into ONE night of exuberance of high spirits and joy. Surprisingly this year, a year of “Dancing” reboot our dearest students availed the opportunity TWICE, in a Dance For You studio and within Trader Vic’s restaurant premises. Both nights were full of craziest, creepiest and totally the funniest moments to refer to for the entire life.

Astounding or disgusting… or maybe both!

All Saints’ Day, a relatively young holiday which dates back to the 19th century, used to be conceived as a celebration of a peaceful life, free of ghosts of dead people. A feast day when people would dress up to scare away the evil spirits and place the jack-o-lanterns as an unchangeable symbol of All Hallow’s Day. Luckily, nowadays people keep Halloween for fun, as a special day in several countries around the world, celebrated mostly by western cultures (eastern cultures haven’t adopted it so far) in the most unique ways.

Halloween Dubai 2018 003
Halloween Dubai 2018 007
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One can celebrate it traditionally, either watching horror movies, telling scary stories, playing trick or treat, where they are either the ones, giving out the candies or the ones, playing the pranks, or… surprisingly, by joining the enormous international community of dance admirers. No one dares enter our dance studio and be left with no dance steps to perform. Halloween Entertaining Essential as a showcase from some of our talented students set the Spooktacular atmosphere on Wednesday, 31st of October during the Energizing Practice Session. Big and small, young and old, this year, like all the previous years frankly, all of them enjoyed Halloween party with a professional Dance For You team. A weekly dance event for the first time ever turned into a continuous session of Spooky soundtracks where all the usual Ballroom and Latin-American dances unexpectedly gained the thrilling touch.

Picking out a Halloween costume is not that easy to do, especially when this character is supposed to hit the dance floor while Cha Cha music or Salsa tunes prevail. Thorough preparations begin at least ten days in advance. That is also the time when enchanting “Creepy” decorations start taking up every possible location in Dubai and Dance For You studio is no exception. All the fabulous props tend not only to favour the immersion into this “scary” atmosphere but also to grant a chosen fictional character to dance and mingle to exciting dance tunes this very night!

Dance For You Student's Spotlight.
Spooky Couple Dance.
Dance Party.
Restaurant Party.

The Hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of Trader Vic’s restaurant together with the incredibly amazing mood from our dancing community made Thursday night to remember. Halloween-inspired treats, fascinating vibes, mind blowing tunes, eye-catching outfits, to name but a few. And surely… people, our extremely talented students, secret dancers rocked that night, enjoyed the party.

Where else can you see witches, skeletons and mummies truly smile and enjoy the activity they are so much dedicated to? Only at Dance For You studio. You surely don’t want to miss it next year! Come and take the dance classes with us, you WILL like it, we PROMISE!

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