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Glittering and Festive Gala 2021. Reboot

Hey, welcome to Dance For You world, so glad to greet you here! Let’s start dreaming about the perfect, “fully recovered” and much promising future together, shall we? And not only dream but also take actions, making adieu for good to 2020 and welcoming New Year 2021 together on a dance floor. Do you wanna know how?! Where?! And when?! You will find the answers below.

This time New Year 2021 is about to start right from the weekend. It’s gonna be a special Friday day and surely night, promising much more and definitely entertaining rather than it would have been Monday, right?! What is more exciting is that two weeks later, 14 days to be precise, right on the 15th of January, everyone is welcome to join Dance For You team at Dukes the Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel to dance all the ups and downs of 2020 through and celebrate a new beginning of hopes and goals for 2021 together!

When we finally were lucky enough to gather at Fogueira, Brazilian restaurant for an outstanding social gathering to celebrate Halloween 2020, it was glaringly obvious how much everyone missed dancing over the outgoing year. And it was like a wake-up call for Dance For You team to throw an amazing, long expected dancing party for our dearest and valuable students. And here it goes: “Glittering and Festive Gala 2021. Reboot”.

The Dance For You family members are all aware of the tremendous key feature of such gatherings – the show cases. Dazzling dance show cases from professional dance teachers and their gifted students, our talented amateurs, are expected to be more than 20 this time…What an incredible amount of energy, vibes and super dancing we are about to experience over just a single night, huh?! Word in your ear: this energy is gonna be two times as much or even three… because it’s been almost a year without dancing, huge, isn’t it?! And we can only imagine what to expect.

Dancing parties of our dancing school are also quite memorable for its amusing components. This time Gala 2021 is happy to present the Quiz, the Raffle, the Lottery and…wait for it…the Voting. How cool that sounds! First of all it’s all related to dancing. Second of all, everyone at the party is welcome not only to sharpen their dancing skills, escalate the mood and set the fantastic tone for the upcoming year but also do some brainstorming and get…valuable prizes. Our valuable students get the best of the best! Always!

Since dancing is one of the healthiest pastimes ever, both mentally and physically, since every single dance class, taken either during the holiday seasons or throughout the daily routine Dance For You team decided to go wild for our special occasion. Spilling the beans, the prize fund is way too big, granting our students with healthiest gifts ever. If it’s not the gift then surely some amount of bucks. Health – is our priority. Do you wanna find out more or probably check it up by yourself?! We invite you! And you are welcome to invite your friends to spend the best weekend ever with the like-minded people, in a luxurious hotel, dancing all night long!

By the way, by the end of the Gala you will be the one voting for the best show case of the night and probably going home with a title. We are looking forward to start a year with a perfect energizing wave and a healthy resolution for new 365 days ahead. Are you? If the answers is YES, then see you on a dance floor!

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