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Common Questions About Dance School that Parents Have

Today we will list the most popular questions about dancing that parents have. Together with the answers it can be used as some sort of a guide that will help you to choose the right dance studio.

1. Probably the most popular question that bothers many parents is since what age it is OK to start taking dance lessons for kids? Some people say it is OK when child becomes a 3 years old, others suggest to wait till 6…

If a choreographic studio or a dance school is professional and fits certain requirements, then it is OK to start taking dance classes when a child is 3 years old. But in this case parents should realize if a 3 years old child starts taking dance classes at this age, it doesn’t mean that he or she will progress quickly and become a dancer at 3,5 or 4 years old. Dance classes at this early age is completely different from dance courses for teenagers and adults: it is a very simple set of lessons for children’s adaptation to dancing, e.g. development of feeling the music, light gymnastics and simple dance figures. That’s all, we don’t mean any serious dancing at this age. According to standard statistics, the effectiveness of children’s involvement into dance and sports in general, increases every year and reaches its maximum for 6 years old children.

2. There is an opinion that dancing is not suited for chubby children. Is it true? And are there any restrictions for dancing?

First of all, it’s a good practice to have pediatrician’s medical examination and receive a professional recommendation if your kid is permitted for dancing and doesn’t have any explicit or implicit medical contraindications. Extra weight is not a reason to refuse dancing. Some of standard restrictions include problems with vestibular system, intracranial pressure, heart and previous injuries. Such restrictions may not allow to dance or may limit dancing to some extent. For example, usually it won’t be a problem at the beginning and it will be possible to dance well as an amateur, but it will restrict a heavier work required to reach professional league. If we are talking about dance competitions, then sometimes it can be a problem for chubby children, because they may get lower scores by the adjudicators. However, dancing is a good physical exercise and it’s just a matter of time when a kid will fit in the right shape. For local performances and events of our dance studio, there are no limitations related to the weight factor.

3. According to ads, there is a dance mania in Dubai – there are lots of various dance schools, studios, teams. How to choose the best one?

Usually when parents give their children to primary school, they perform a full all around research of local schools to find the best one. But when we talk about extra out-of-class activities, parents usually are not so careful.

First of all, it’s good to get acquainted with the head of the dance school, know the history and aims of the school. The place for dancing also is important. Is it a large ball room? You want to know the studio went to extra expense to protect your child's body. Dance puts stress on bones, especially leaps. Floors designed for dancing absorb the shock of the landing. If the studio has a "regular floor" or "concrete floor," do not allow your child to dance there.

Parents should also ask questions about the future and vision of the studio on their child and his or her abilities. Even when the child is little and is only 5 or 6 years old, it’s good to think beforehand if it will be comfortable to continue taking dance lessons in this studio when the kid grows up. What opportunities and dance courses the studio has for teenagers? And of course, the dance teachers and dance instructors play the key role in the educational process. So, it’s important if they have good recommendations, are professional dancers themselves and have teaching experience.

4. Every dance school offers different dances and styles. How to decide what to choose?

If we talk about kids, then I think it’s best to start with core dance moves and ballroom dancing. For example, street dances begin with specific moves and stretching. However, all modern dances are based on knowledge of classical dances, such as Standard ballroom or Latin American dances. That’s why it is suggested to start with ballroom dancing, because it offers a solid basement of core dancing education. It gives an effective boost in any case, even if you plan to study other styles like break dance or belly dance.

5. Is it possible to sustain injuries during dancing?

First of all, the dancing is divided into two categories: amateur dancing and a dance sport (professional dancing). Professional dancing includes heavy work and load on the body. Sometimes injuries may occur, but they are rather considered to be a natural thing in any professional sports, e.g. some sprains. But if we will compare the dance sport with other sports, dancing is the safest. It’s their significant advantage.

6. What other benefits do the dances have compared to other activities?

Dancing is not just activity. It develops the person physically and mentally. Dancers empathize and merge with music and the dance itself, so dancing is like art which is close to theater, music or even fine arts.

Dances are really spectacular, students always face with large audience, and get receive positive feedback. It’s a massive splash of emotions! Children feel it and get inspired to continue their dancing training.

Dancing involves trips and competitions. But in good dance teams there is no place for competition between each other: many children get new good friends and the atmosphere is amicable and solid.

And of course the right dances and exercises help children to preserve their health. Dances develop figure and muscles as any other sport, but in a light and simple manner.

7. A few words about our dance studio?

Our “Dance For You” studio appeared in Dubai a few years ago. We focus on ballroom dancing, such as Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Jive, Quickstep and others. We offer group and individual dance courses for adults and couples. Besides, we have a special educational program for kids. All our staff are experienced dance teachers and instructors, former professional dancers and winners of different dance competitions. Our dance school has the largest professional sprung dance floor among all other studios in Dubai. We believe that results of our students proves the quality of our education. They achieve top rankings at international dance competitions. In September we have a special offer for the dance lessons, so it’s a good reason to start dancing with us! Everybody is welcome!

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