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Meet the Dance For You studio team: administrators, managers, teachers, instructors, dancers, choreographers.

  • Natalia Sibgatova Natalia Sibgatova

    Natalia Sibgatova

    Manager Assistant

    She was born in Russia, in a nice city named Izhevsk. This city is popular with talented sportsmen, dancers and singers. She graduated from Art school and Technical university. After study she understood that working in technical specialization is not right way to achieve her goal and she tried to find something not boring and suitable for her character. Her life was becoming more interesting when she started to do something creative and unusual. That's why she decided to change her life completely.

    From childhood Natalia was dreaming to live in the warm country, near the sea. After a while, the beautiful and sunny city Dubai appeared in her life along with the Dance For You Dream team. Art, Music, energy and positive are the main part in her life now. “I enjoy every minute in the studio now as I’m not only working, but also learning different dances, music, taking part in social parties, meet interesting people and live the life of which I dreamed!” - Natalia says.

    “Life is becoming better and more colourful, surrounded by talented and energetic people. Dance like a small life where you can express emotions. Dance is available to everyone, no matter how old you are and what your nationality is. Dance is a passion and you are young while you are dancing.” - it's her opinion.

    She is full of happiness and positive energy now. Her lifestyle also includes other hobbies such as traveling, photography and cooking.

    "Just give your hand to the dance and it will take you to the marvelous journey which will add huge value to your life!"
    Natalia Sibgatova signature
  • Elzana Ibragimova Elzana Ibragimova

    Elzana Ibragimova


    Elzana was born in Uzbekistan, in ancient city called Samarkand. This city is popular with its old history and famous Silk Road trade. She graduated from Emirates Academy of Hospitality and Management. After graduation she was working many years in catering and events industry. One day she decided completely change her career perspectives and to look into different industry where she can develop her other creative skills.

    Elzana moved with her family to Dubai when she was 12. She has done her high school diploma and Bachelor degree in Dubai. Elzana was always in love in this ambitious city which she calls second home. Living so long in this beautiful and warm city Dance For You Studio came across in her life and she decided to take this amazing opportunity where she can develop her creative side skills “ I have never thought I could be so in love at what I am doing as I don’t only work but I have also discovered my talent towards dances and music rhythm!”

    Elzana became more energetic, happy positive mind and fun. She obviously has many different friends who surrounds her from childhood. She loves to spend most of her time at the beach, discover different restaurants and cuisines in Dubai as well as reading and now dancing.

    “My life completely changing, and I dive into completely another world when I dance. I have been so shy to dance in a public and now I could never think dance with music can turn me into a completely different person who sees world through different colors. Dancing can really change your life and how you look into it!”

    "Dance like no one is watching you!"
    Elzana Ibragimova signature
  • Alexandra Pochtovyk Alexandra Pochtovyk

    Alexandra Pochtovyk


    Professional Dance Teacher, Ballroom, Latin, Social and Wedding Choreographer, Winner of International Dance Competitions

    Fifteen years ago a little girl from Ukraine named Alexa started her pathway into a dancing world. Since she was 5 years old she became a frequent participator of the majority of national and international worldwide competitions. She has already achieved great results back there in Ukraine as well as abroad, in Germany, France and Hungary.

    Alexa is a Ukrainian champion of Ballroom and Latin-American dance routines whereas in the world she is known as a prize-winner and medalist:

    • A finalist of the numerous Ukrainian and International Dance Competitions;
    • A champion of Ukraine of Latin-American Dance Championships;
    • A semi-finalist of the European Championships on Standard Dance program.

    Alexa has been working with children and Pro-Am-oriented students starting from 2012. By today her students have achieved a lot, being champions of the Ukrainian Dance Competitions as well as of the International ones in such dance categories as the Juniors and The Youth.

    She has been teaching and working as an instructor for the last 5 years, sharing her knowledge and skills with people. Apart from being a wonderful teacher Alexa also works on her self-development since the sky is the limit. According to Alexa’s point of view, if you like what you are doing you should definitely lead it to perfection.

    Alexa has a great deal of experience of working with people of various age and different abilities. Workshops of world-acknowledged dance instructors such as Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti, Valery Tsyhanovsky, Artem Bronnikov and Daria Bronnikova has definitely left a profound impact on the way Alexa teaches and adjusts a dance class.

    "Dancing is the best way of self-expression. Once you finish working you are welcomed to the dance floor where you find a comfy atmosphere, catchy music and nice people which will definitely brighten your day, evening or even night, giving you energy for the upcoming day!"
    Alexandra Pochtovyk signature
  • Dmitriy Zaiats Dmytro Zaiats

    Dmytro Zaiats

    Professional Dance Trainer, Ballroom, Latin-American, Social and Wedding Dance Choreographer, Multiple World and International Dance champion

    Dmytro Zaiats is a professional athlete, Ballroom and Latin-American dance coach. He has been dancing for more than 15 years now, starting from the year of 2002. Training both: kids (from 4 y.o.) and adults (Pro-Am) Dmytro Zaiats has more than 9 years of coaching experience.

    Dmytro already has an international experience; back in 2008 he was working as a professional dancer in a city of Antalya (Turkey). There, in a dancing school he was also working in a Pro-Am dance system, teaching the students in a proper way which subsequently let the latter ones achieve high results in dancing. Based on that Dmytro was awarded as “the Best Dance Coach”.

    In 2014 Dmytro was working in Hong Kong. Within more than a year he trained and performed with numerous Pro Am dancers at the Asian Open dance competitions where his students scored only the top places. During that working practice with adults and wedding couples Dmytro proved himself to be a very professional dance instructor who usually meets the dancing requirements of the students, subsequently achieving high results.

    Dmytro is highly skilled in a professional dance technique as well as in a productive teaching method. He has an easy-going, friendly and open personality which is easily spotted while having dance classes with him. When it comes to a dance lesson Dmytro always performs at his best: he is not only showing you the dance moves but also teaching you how to properly listen to music and feel it, to go through and convey the emotions and the certain traits of character, to live within the dance, to be able to express the idea and the whole meaning which every single dance surely has.

    Dmytro is still working on his own self-development attending various dance competitions. He is:

    • A champion of Ukraine;
    • A two-time finalist of European Championships;
    • A semi-finalist of World Championships;
    • A member of 100 best dance couples of Blackpool Dance Festival;
    • A winner of Ternopil 5th Grande Cup 2017;
    • A bronze medalist of Star Light 2017;
    • A prizewinner of Zerkalnaya Struya 2017;
    • A winner of numerous Ukrainian and International competitions.

    Dmytro is a frequent participant of various professional dance trainings and workshops of such famous dance coaches as:

    • Gaynor Fairweather, 14-time World Dance Champion in LA program;
    • Mirko Saccani;
    • Dmitriy Timohin, European Champion;
    • Anna Bezikova, European Champion;
    • Yulia Zagoruychenko, World champion;
    • Sergey Duvanov;
    • Ruud Vermeij;
    • Ekaterina Lapaeva.

    The way Dmytro introduces his students to the world of dancing is up-to-date, interesting and exciting. Join our dance studio and see it by yourself. See you on the dance floor!

    "Dancers and students of our dance studio are happy and successful people. If you are with us then you are the lucky one. Dance and be happy!"
    Dmitriy-Zaiats signature
  • Sergii Tymchenko Sergii Tymchenko

    Sergii Tymchenko

    Professional Dance Teacher, Ballroom, Latin, Social and Wedding Choreographer, Winner of International Dance Competitions

    Sergii started his dancing career in the age of 5, and this decision was taken by himself – he was the one who persuaded his parents to take him to the dance school. Long years of hard training, the ups and downs, he showed the highest results, such as:

    • A Champion of Ukraine of the Dance Championships on Standard and Latin-American Dance Programs;
    • A finalist and a winner of many regional and international dance competitions;
    • A European Champion of the Standard Dance Program;
    • Finalist of many events in Ukraine and in Europe;
    • The prize-winner and winner of many competitions of UDSF, WDC, WDSF;
    • Champion of Europe in the European program in 2011.

    In 2006 he enrolled to the Kharkov National Pedagogical University named after G.S. Skovoroda and in 2011 was graduated with honors. Sergii began his teaching career in 2010. There are a lot of the winners of the local competition, champions of Ukraine among Junior and Juvenile among his students.

    Sergii has been training children starting from 2010. 2 years later, in 2012 he started to work with the teenagers and Pro-Am-oriented students who for the time being are the prize-winners in Ukraine as well as abroad in their dance categories respectively.

    Nowadays Sergii is a competitive dancer who was taught by the leading teachers and dancers of the world, such as: Andrew Sinkinson, Jonathan Crossley & Lyn Marriner, Massimo Georgiana, Vanone Giordano, Alex Galchun, Valery Tsyhanovsky, Ruslan Golovashchenko, Igor Soronovich, Sergey Surkov & Melia Ognejka.

    "Burn yourself, lighten others and be ahead!" - these words are leading Sergii through his life.

    "I am very happy to be a part of the professional team of the Dance For You dance studio – the best dance studio in Dubai! Can't help waiting to see you there to share my knowleges and the best skills with you!"
    Sergii Tymchenko signature
  • Liubov Grigoryeva Liubov Grigoryeva

    Liubov Grigoryeva

    Professional Dance Coach, Ballroom, Latin-American, Social and Wedding Dance Choreographer

    Dancing has been a crucial part of her life starting from the very childhood, from 5 years old. 11 years, from 1997 till 2008 Liubov has dedicated to competitive ballroom dancing where she was successfully performing both: Standard (Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot) and Latin-American (Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive and Paso Doble) programs. She has also attended numerous first rated dance workshops and master dance classes as well as taken part in many regional, national and international dance competitions with the following winning places.

    Liubov graduated from Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture in 2009 with a major of a teacher-choreographer. While studying there she obtained knowledge and skills of classical dance, folk-country dance and contemporary dance. Besides, psychological aspects of dance teaching were also given her during her studies. Later on it let Liubov develop and introduce the educational system of dance teaching among kids and adults in numerous top rated dance studios in Russia.

    Liubov started teaching kids and adults in the year of 2008. It was a wide range of teaching programs back then: Standard program, Latin-American program, Pro-Am dance competitions, wedding dances, outside-the-studio performances. The key moment of her teaching career is a result of more than 1000 successful Pro-Am participants, dancing throughout the whole world in a wide variety of levels – from Newcomers to Gold level.

    In 2009 Liubov moved to Moscow city and went in for Social Dancing. Constantly maintaining her dancing skills she had some practice in Cuba after which Liubov easily added Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton to the already well-known by her Ballroom and Latin-American Programs.

    The main distinctive feature of Liubov as a dance coach is a professional approach to teaching people of any age group, preparing for any dance events no matter what dance style is. For example, two years in a row, in 2013, 2014 her students took part in Moscow Dance Wave Festival where they scored the top places in Salsa category; in 2015 a wedding couple of hers took the 4th place in Russian Online dance competition – Wedding Battle 2015.

    Liubov never gets tired of self-developing and learning something new by herself. That’s why in 2013 she decided to add Brazilian dances to her professional dance skills. She spent the whole 2 months in Brazil learning Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Samba no Pe. Afterwards, in 2015 together with Jorge Maryano she started teaching these very dances in Moscow. International Dance Congresses (Brazil, Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Czech Republic) are part of her background now: Zouk Davils & Friends Summer Weekend 2014 (Spain), Russian Zouk Congress & Championship 2014, 2016 (Saint Petersburg), Berg`s Congress 2015 (Brazil), Samba Fanaticos Festival I and II 2015, III and IV 2016(Moscow), Prague Samba & Zouk Congress 2015, 2016 (Czech Republic), Dutch International Zouk Congress 2015 (The Netherlands).

    At some of the aforementioned dance congresses such as Moscow Zouk & Samba Congress 2015, 2016, 2017 (Moscow), Samba Fanaticos Festival IV 2017 (Moscow), Cyprus Zouk Holidays Congress 2017 Liubov was doing both: teaching and assisting. Starting from October 2017 Liubov is a professional dance instructor of Dance For You studio in Dubai. Her motto is:

    "Regardless of the age I am always happy to make your dearest “DANCING” dream come true"
    Liubov Grigoryeva signature
  • Oleh Bezvesilnyi Oleh Bezvesilnyi

    Oleh Bezvesilnyi

    Professional Dance Instructor, Latin - American, Ballroom, Social and Wedding Choreographer, Winner of Intercontinental Dance Competitions

    Oleh Bezvesilnyi is a professional dancer, choreographer, coach and adjudicator in Latin-American and Ballroom dancing programs. Oleh has been dedicating his life to dancing for more than 16 years now. For him personally it is both, the art and the sport at the same time. He is the founder of one of the biggest dancing schools in Ukraine. More than seven years his team has been training kids, starting at the age of five as well as the adults, making performances for the Pro Am dance competitions.

    Oleh is widely known as a professional dance instructor and adjudicator, a talented author of unforgettable wedding dances and unique show cases. Besides, recently Oleh received recognition throughout the whole Ukraine as a prize-winner and awardee of Ukrainian and International Dance Competitions. His expertise was obtained through numerous workshops by various famous dancers from the whole world: Russia – Slavik Kryklyvyy; the USA, Ukraine – Vladimir Marchenko; Poland – Iwona Golczak, Motej Kracer, to name but a few. Oleh effectively applies all those techniques and skills to every single dancing class while working with kids or with adults. The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Ukraine every now and then granted his trainees for becoming prize-takers and winners of different dance competitions.

    Every dancing class of Oleh is marked by unique individual approach where the combination of the old trusted teaching methods and absolutely new, ground-breaking ways definitely works resulting in only fantastic accomplishments! Oleh gives energetically charged, full of vivid emotions classes on a regular basis. These trainings always bring great achievements, even within a short period of time. All the students, young and old, enjoy dancing and more the results they get from every dancing class with Oleh. All the dancing aims, all the dancing ideas come true if you are truly eager to learn, especially under a professional supervision!

    More than 1200 of students of different age form Oleh’s dancing background, more than 450 incredible wedding dances are a part of his dancing experience now, more than 250 trainees have become regional and international dance competitions’ participants, more than 14500 hours of dancing seminars and workshops by the worldwide-level-dancers have been examined and thoroughly studied. All of these things Oleh generously shares with all his students. That is exactly what makes his classes worth visiting and keep enjoying the dancing. Luckily for Oleh the sky is the limit, he is keen on learning something new and sharing these “dancing tools” with his students!

    "Dancing is the one and only kind of creation combining both: the art and the sport. Start dancing and stay in a good health, at any age. Dance For You and I are ready to encourage and supervise YOU!"
    Oleh Bezvesilnyi signature
  • Arseniy Bezrukov Arseniy Bezrukov

    Arseniy Bezrukov

    General Manager, Professional Dance Instructor in Latin, Ballroom and Social Dances, Exclusive Wedding Choreographer, Pro-Am Dance Coach, Member of World Dance Council

    Arseniy started to dance at the age of 6 with International Dance Sport Federation in Russia. He reached finals and numerous titles, such as prize-winner and champion of Tatarstan Republic (Russia) in Latin-American and Standard dances. He has been dancing and trained by the most famous World Ballroom coaches who helped him to became in the in top 24 couples (from 400) on the most famous competition in Russia “Russian Open”.

    Having 15 years of Dance experience Arseniy took part in various regional, international and world Ballroom Dancing Championships. All this participation brought him the following results:

    • A Champion of the Latin-American Dance Competiton, Tatarstan Republic, Russia, 2000-2007;
    • A Medalist of the International tournaments on Latin-American Program, 2005-2007;
    • A Finalist of the Regional tournaments on Standard and Latin-American programs, 1999-2007;
    • A Multiple Champion of Interregional championships on Ballroom ad Latin-American programs;

    Having so many dance achievements Arseniy definitely has a lot to share with the world, that’s why he decided to share a passion for dancing with the students. In 2007 Arseniy had a professional training on a teaching dancing as well as preparing the students to go for the best. He also developed the methodology for the athletes of the various levels, kids, wedding couples and Pro-Am students.

    Arseniy has also taken part in numerous international conferences for Ballroom Dance Instructors. All this resulted in more than 200 students, who dance and achieve the highest international results, more than 250 wedding couples, who are grateful for the unique wedding routines and more than 650 Pro-Am Dancers, hitting the worldwide dance floors leaving a long-lasting impression.

    Even today, Arseniy still continues his self-development, taking part in international workshops and conferences. These days Arseniy is a member of World Dance Council, an international master of sports on Latin-American program and a highly-qualified instructor who is well-known for teaching students of various dance levels and background and also for preparing them for the international Pro-Am tournaments.

    "Why do I love to dance? It is a simple answer. Dancing is good for the human body and soul. It inspires myself along with others around me. Dance gives me an amazing physical workout while I let my emotions out and clear my head. Dancing lets me forget about the people that let me down in life and lets me express my emotions without causing any dramas! Dancing is simply amazing and something everybody should try at least once in their life. Dancing is an escape. An escape to a different world that is different for every single person. Dance is literally my heart and soul. It is all I know and will live with me forever. Why do I love dance? Because dance is me!"
    Arseniy Bezrukov signature
  • Fiona Van Buren Fiona Van Buren

    Fiona Van Buren

    Joint owner of Dance For You Studio

    I have always loved to dance. I started at aged 10 at boarding school in Scotland with Scottish Country Dancing, but once I moved to Dubai I started to look for new dancing challenge and was encouraged to try Ballroom dancing by a close friend.

    I started learning the American Style of Ballroom dancing but changed to the International style as it held many more opportunities for me to broaden my dance knowledge and to most importantly compete. The more I danced the more I fell in love with Ballroom dancing, every step on the ballroom floor increased my passion and drive to improve and succeed as a Ballroom dancer.

    I love to challenge myself both in dancing and in other areas of my life. Having represented the United Kingdom Internationally in both the Equestrian disciplines of Showjumping and Endurance racing, my natural competitive spirit drove me to focus on the improvement of my dancing so I could start to compete.

    I currently compete Pro-Am Internationally, and I know how much passion, time, training and dedication and attention to detail it take to succeed.

    It is because of this I decided to open Dance For You. I want not only to spread my love of Ballroom Dancing, but very importantly to also provide every dancer, whatever their level, and whatever their dancing goal with an International level of Teaching and Facilities so everyone can fulfill and hopefully exceed all of their dance aspirations and to follow their passion and dreams.

    "As a result Dance For You was formed; a combination of Dreams, Dedication, Passion and an International level of Management and Teaching. I wish that everyone’s dreams are fulfilled with Dance For You."
    Fiona Van Buren signature
  • Artem Bezrukov Artem Bezrukov

    Artem Bezrukov

    Joint owner of Dance For You Studio

    Dancing has been a historical tradition in all parts of the world that is still very strong today both culturally and socially. Ballroom dancing specifically has been an important part of social functions for centuries and has its roots embedded globally. The dances of Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot and the Latin dances of days gone by have evolved to be more than just social dances and have survived over centuries until the present day. Ballroom dancing is very popular and can be seen everywhere, in the media, on TV (Dancing with the Stars ∓ Strictly Come Dancing series) and numerous movies, in our music of all genres and day-to-day social functions. It is very popular in every walk of life both socially and for competitive dancing. With the joint effort between our top quality trainers and a dedicated student base, we will spread the word that dancing is a fun, healthy and exciting way to spend time, there are so many benefits to dancing.

    Our new training center Dance For You is dedicated to provide top quality and affordable dance instruction to Dubai, UAE. There is a very active and dedicated ballroom dance community already located in Dubai, and we plan to support the dance community, improving the standards, increasing its size and most importantly providing an International Level standard of training.

    At our studio, dancing is our passion and number one priority. We are truly dedicated to dancing, the teaching, improvement and progression of our students.

    We will fulfill all your dancing needs, be it to have the perfect wedding dance, to dance socially, dance at competition level, dance in shows or simply dance for fun. It is our mission to provide our students of all ages, teachers, social dancers and professional performance dancers with International levels of teaching that can accommodate all their dancing needs in a professional designed studio with a sprung wooden floor which is large, comfortable, elegant and functionally designed which will allow them to learn, train and practice to the best of their ability.

    Our professional team of male and female dance teachers are primarily focused on all styles of Ballroom and Social dances including International, American, Rhythm and Latin Styles including; the professional 10 dance Dance Sport dances, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Salsa, Disco, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Pasodoble and Rumba.

    "Dance For You provides a comfortable community and friendly environment in which to learn the art of ballroom dancing."
    Artem Bezrukov signature

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